Custom Rifles mountain



In-house Manufacturing

CNC machined components make up both the GRC Bush hunter and GRC Mountain Hunter actions. Aligned with in-process inspection, nothing gets missed out.

Repeatability with 60 years’ experience and innovation has allowed GRC to create the Bush Hunter and Mountain Hunter rifles.

Precision aerospace manufacturing allowed GRC to assemble a heavy bolt face matched to the Titanium bolt body. A 3-lug configuration locks the chamber with only 60° of movement.


Industry Manufacturing 4.0

Experience additive manufacturing as you rotate the 3D printed Titanium bolt handle and begin the extraction process of the spent case. A GRC Sako style extractor does an excellent job of case extraction.

We have minimised the drag between the receiver and bolt body and increased the tolerance between the Cerakoted surfaces to allow an undisturbed bolt handling experience.


The Carry

Fully bedded into the GRC Hunter Carbon Fibre Stock the action sits balanced and ready. The cant angle on the GRC Hunter Carbon Fibre stock allows for effortless alignment and comfort while simultaneously eliminating felt recoil factor by 30%.

Whether carried in the hunter’s hands as they make their way through the dense bush or mounted to the shoulder ready for the shot, your eye lines up to the scope poised and ready. You'll quickly appreciate the lightweight build of GRC rifles and how effortless it is to carry such precision.


GRC BushHunter Tungsten Carbon
GRC Bush Hunter

Titanium Short Action
Carbon Fibre Stock
Carbon Fibre Wrapped Barrel
416 Stainless Steel Barrel

GRC MountainHunter Tungsten Carbon
GRC Mountain Hunter

Titanium Long Action
Carbon Fibre Stock
Carbon Fibre Wrapped Barrel
416 Stainless Steel Barrel

GRC Benelli M2 Shotgun

Solid Billet Machined Components
Hard Anodized Finish
Complimentary Colour Choices
100% New Zealand