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All manufacturing including stock design, mold manufacturing, stock manufacturing and hardware is completed under one roof with emphasis on quality control. This guarantees the shooter an experience second to none.

Our in-house innovation team known as Sika Works has designed and prototyped the Glacier Stock System with the shooter in mind from the start. The drop in stocks are designed to accommodate factory inlets with repeatability each time.

Composite pillars reinforce the clamping engagement of the bottom metal and action body. The factory torque settings can be applied on tightening the guard screws.

All our current Glacier Stock Systems are carbon fibre, with perfection in mind at the start of every stock from our laminators we do get some pin holes. Ideally, there are no voids in a carbon fibre matrix and the application of epoxy resin would be uniform.

However, due the fact that carbon fibre is woven, voids naturally occur in the spaces between the fibres, however, tight.

Small pin holes occur when there is trapped air in the resin matrix and carbon fibre weave, these do not affect the structural properties of the stocks but visually they are present on the surface as the forms are under a lot of pressure during the manufacturing process.

All Glacier Stock Systems can be fitted with:

  • Any aftermarket Remington Recoil Pad
  • Quick Disconnect Flush Cups
  • Spartan Adaptors
  • Length of Pull Shim Kits
  • Arca + Barricade rail
  • GRC ‘Sharp Grip
  • Variety of finishes such as Hydrographics, Cerakote, Duratac Pro Coat

Note: Online Sales for Non prohibited Firearm accessories require the buyer to complete the Police Mail Order Internet Sales form.

This is available online at the link below: 

Online Mail Order Form

Our details for the form will be sent through on the initial enquiry.

GRC Classic Series

Designed from our original Bush / Mountain Hunter Stock, we took the classic lines and applied it to its own Stock Series. This Stock is lightweight, sporting and balanced.

One of the main features we borrowed from our original Stock was its cant angle, this allows for effortless alignment and comfort while simultaneously eliminating felt recoil factor by 30%.

GRC Elite Series

Designed with the shooter in mind, the Elite Series has it covered. Ambidextrous and designed with our medium palm swell. This Stock system started off as an adjustable cheek riser only model (now optional) featuring Glacier Rifles original cheek riser mechanism.

The in-house innovation team known as Sika Works designed and prototyped the now known Push Button Cheek Riser.

GRC Xtrme Series

Designed with the practical shooter in mind, the Xtrme Series has it all. Ambidextrous and designed with our 80-degree medium palm swell.

Sporting the Push Button Cheek Riser (optional) designed by our in-house team we call Sika Works. This component set has taken the need for tools for adjustment, to just the push of a button.